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Establishment aim of Alberk Calibration Laboratories, is to make contribution for enhancement of production and quality on a country basis, mainly providing calibration, training services, device and consumable saling services to organisations and enterprises operate in industrial and biomedical sectors.

Calibration Trainings:

17025 Standard and Documentation System Fundamental Training:

Trainings take an aim at enlightenment in preparation of documents such as QM (Quality Manual), Procedure, Instruction, Form, List, supportive documents etc. and the trainings provided application examples designed oriented to participants will be charged in this field.

General Calibration and Metrology Trainings:

It is an enlightenment training handles the titles such as calibration terms, fundamental condition for calibratio, and aims the delivery of information will be a basis of calibration studies which reveal the relationship between the calibration and metrology. General metrology trainings constitutes the basis of whole trainings, it is strongly recommended  that the training needs to be received prior to other trainings.

Uncertainty of measurement trainings :

It is a training variation of application examples together with measurement uncertainty definition, factors affect the measurement, uncertainty components, uncertainty budget and extended uncertainty expressions


You can reach to detailed information about our laboratory services from www.qatechniclab.com and utilise it.

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