• Ethics, Compliance and Impartiality

- We stick to our ethic rules  
The reason for our improvement and enlarge originate from our main priciples  are perfomed  without any exception to all personel, rivals, costumers, suppliers  and  business associates.

Our each personnel and manager know and apply the ethic rules regardless of working at any department.
- All our processes are managed with transparency, honesty and justice priciples.
Many activities aren’t dependent on law, obligation or other mandatory requirements. Our transparency, honesty and justice priciples become a part in this kind of situations and become prominent  for all activities of ALBERK. Understanding and implementing of this priciples are under responsibility of all personnel. Any ALBERK personel can not behave as causing to break or tarnish our ethic rules  and  can not behave as making ALBERK unfair against to law and obligations in any way.

You can reach our documents within the frame of these scopes over the links below.

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