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When the decision covers ethic perspective, need to be taken, those questions need to be asked:

1. Is the word and spirit of Ethic code be complied?
2. Is the decision take, and actions performed by comply with the values, principles and rules of QA Technic?
3. If the decisons taken and actions perforemed be published in the press, would it be appropriate?
4. If the decisions taken and actions performed be shared with family members, friends or colleagues, what would be their opinions?
5.  Are the decisions taken and actions performed going to have negative results directly or indirectly for QA Technic?
6. Is there any other alternative?
Yukarıdaki sorulara verilen cevaplardan bir tanesinin bile cevabının olumsuz olması durumunda problem var demektir.

In case, even if the answer of only one of the questions above, is negative, it means there is a problem.   
Hints may be helpful, in case of any occurance of problem:

 1. Relation with issue is clarified by asking these questions:
  • Which principles and rules be violated ?
  • Is this violation be detected by whom ?
  • Does the violation take place for a long time ago?
  • Does the QA Technic solve problem?
  • Where and when the violation take place ?

 2. Following this, requirements regarding the situation is determined : 
  • Even if it is not sure, presence of problem should not be ignored as if it is absent.
  • Notification of you, will definitely be kept as confidential.
  • The Problem, need to be discussed with the officer whose name mentioned below and feel at ease.
Compliance Officer: YEŞİM YÜKSEL : yesim.yuksel@qatechnic.com  

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