• Labor Hygiene Inspection and Laboratory Services

Labor Hygiene : It is detection, measurement, evaluation and audit of environmental factors cause diseases, impairment of health and dissatisfaction at work site and industrial society

Industrial Hygiene, is a cleaning science related with working site and its environment. Cleaning in working environment, is a cleaning of agents unsanitirize the working site and its environment mostly depending on qualification of work.

Labor Hygiene, is divided into two as working environment measurements and personal exposure measurements

Labor Hygiene Inspection Services are mainly;

Measurements performed in working environment

  •     Ambient Dust Measurement ( PM1, PM2.5, PM5, PM10)
  •     Respirable Total Dust Measurement
  •     Ambient Noise Measurement
  •     Ambient Vibration Measurement
  •     Ambient Chemical Measurement
  •     Ambient Lighting Measurement
  •     Thermal Comfort Measurement
  •     Ambient VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Measurement
  •     Benzene Measurement
  •     Xylene Measurement
  •     Formaldehyde Measurement
  •     Toluen Measurement
  •     Amonyak Measurement (NH2)
  •     Hydrogene Sulphide Measurement (H2S)
  •     Nitrogen Oxides Measurement (NOx)
  •     Oxygen Measurement (O2)
  •     Carbonmonoxide Measurement (CO)
  •     Sulphur dioxide Measurement (SO2)
  •     Sulphuric Acid Measurement (H2SO4)

Personal Exposure Measurements (Occupational Health Measurement)

  •     Labor Hygiene Measurements
  •     Noise Exposure Measurement
  •     Vibration Exposure Measurement
  •     Gas Exposure Measurement  
  •     Noise Exposure Measurement  
  •     VOC (Chemical) Exposure Measurement

Electrical and Mechanical Inspections and Measurements

QA TECHNIC, have technical control authorisation in national and international field within the schemes seen below, on the subject of whole factory equipments under the title of EN 17020 scope.

  •     Safety Inspection of Machineries
  •     Worklift
  •     Crane
  •     Platform
  •     Pallet Truck
  •     Workshop hoist
  •     Mobile Crane
  •     Vehicle Lift
  •     Boilers and Pressurised Vessels  
  •     Elevators
  •     Earthing
  •     Electric Panel
  •     Cathodic Protection Measurements
  •     Paratoner Controls
  •     Noise and Vibration Controls

You can reach to detailed information about testing services from http://www.qatechnicisg.com address.and and utilise it.


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