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We as Alberk QA Technic have completed our pre-application process for being Authorized Personnel Certification Body within the context of Professional Competency Board’s examination, measurement, assessment and certification directorate that are published by Professional Competency Board, and our pre-application has been approved, and the process of TÜRKAK accreditation is proceeding.

Authorized Certification Bodies are personnel Certification bodies that perform the activities of exams and Certification for national competencies within the framework of National Competency, signed multilateral recognition aggreement with TÜRKAK or European Accreditation, are accredited for related competencies by another accreditation body in accordance with TS EN ISO/IEC 17024 standards, and are determined to have been covered all requirements by the consequences of examination, audit and assessments of Professional Competency Board.

 What is National Professional Competency System ?

National Professional Competency System is a fair, transparent and reliable system that generates national competency standards, forms vocational and technical training and education programmes according to these standards, are accredited in order for Professional competency of manpower, are certified by the results of theorical and applied exams that are taken place in the Professional Competency Board-accredited measurement and assessment centers, enables national and international comparableness for all certifications, supports life-term education, facilitates Certification for individuals who are willing to have vocational knowledge and talents without any formal education, enables business leaders to participate the process actively by having quality assurance perspective.

What is the contribution of National Professional Competency System against Business and Education Life?

 The main purpose of National Professional Competency System is to establish a functional connection between qualification demands of Business and Education Life. This system enables Turkey to grow their qualified manpower in order for competing in global economy. All current requirements and future tendencies for the qualification of manpower  affect the education system through National Vocational Standards that are led by active business practices. Qualified manpower are going to be raised effectively and flexible by this system.

One of the strongest sides of this system is to involve in the life-term education sense. This system enables individuals to certify qualifications without any education, to make lateral and vertical transmission among diversified professions or sectors, to reflect and certify new improvements to one’s profession and sector.

Which professions/occupations are being involved within the context of 5544 numbered MYK (Professional Competency Board) Law?

According to Article 2 of 5544 numbered MYK (Professional Competency Board) Law, all professions and occupations are involved, except doctorate, dentistry, nursing, midwifery, veterinary, architecture (within the context of automatically recognized professions by European Union), engineering, and all professions and occupations that require minimum undergradute degree/diploma by the law.

All above information are taken from the website of Professional Competency Board. For further information please click http://www.myk.gov.tr/

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