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This certificate is necessary for every commodity which is sold wholesale or retail. After being mandatory at 1.October.2000, this certificates importance has been reminded once more to the companies as the customs were closed to cargo and baggage trade. As a standard for Russian Federation, the content of this document resembles ISO, TSE and CE. Besides being inspected in the customs, this certificate is also asked for in store inspections performed in the domestic market. The legal and safe way to trade with Russia is to get certificate for what is produced. Quality standardization in import and export commodities has gained higher importance after the crisis in 1997.

Quality Certification is performed as mandatory in some products and services while some are performed on demand. Yellow colored certifiğcate is given to products and services which are kept mandatory while blue is given to the ones on demand. The ones which has to get yellow color certificate is stated on No:64 of Products and services with mandatory Quality Certification law issued in 30.July.2002 by Russian government standards.

Gost R certificate is issued by accreditaiton centers which are accredited by Russian governement after being tested in the labarotories accredited by the government. If other than GOST-R compatability document, a fire and hygiene certification is needed according to Russia MCS Ministry 08.July.2002y. No:320 Products mandatory for fire certification and Russian Federation Hygiene standards 15. August 2002 y/ N6/325 Products mandatory for hygiene certification, first hygiene and fire documents will be handed out, and than GOST-R quality document.

1-In which territories is Gost-R valid in?
Countries in which Gost-R is valid: Belarus, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan

2. What does GTIP number mean?
Customs tariff Statistical Position is a 12 digit code used in Turkish Customs Tariff Index. The first six digits for this number represent the harmonized system momanclature code which is used by all members of World Customs Organization, 7-8 digits is the combined momenclature used by European Union Countries, 9-10 digits are the codes ısed because of different tax applications, 11-12 digitss are used for showing statistical codes.

3-Fields Gost-R Certificate is used
Russian Customs (Mandatory)
Retail Stores (For products sold retailly)
In construction (To get settlement licence)
Sites such as Industrial Kitchen, Laundry (to get operation licence)

4-Documents needed for Gost-R Application
1) Registration to chamber of commerce (activity certificate)
2) Signature circulars of authorized personnel
3) Trade mark registration documents
4) If any certificate exists, their photocopies (TSE-ISO-CE-UKRSEPRO etc...)
5) Early test reports for the products demanded earlier
6) Technical information for each product
7) Operating instructions and label information for the products
8) Number of machines, their serial numbers and name of producer used in the factory
9) Production diagram for the factory (starting from raw material entrance)
10) GTIP numbers and model-code information (if existent) for the products
11) Title and adress information as wanted to be placed on the certificate
12) Catalog showing the products to be certificated
13) Three samples from each product
14) Proxy statement

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