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Continually strive for being a pioneering leader and trustwordy partner through continuous improvement and developement in system certification, product certification, CE marking in the scope of new approach directives of Euroean Union, inspection and training provision along with the contemporary values of impartiality, independence, utilising qualified people via devices and quality management system of measurement traceability to international standards  including TS EN ISO/IEC 17020, TS EN ISO/IEC 17065, TS EN ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015, TS EN ISO 19011, EA2/17 , Professional competency,personnel certification, national competencies and other national-international standards,guidelines,regulations within the frame of equality of opportunity for language, religion,race,political opinion,gender and ethnic origin and to protect clients’ intellectual property rights are our company policy.

At the foundation of our policy is customer oriented fast and quality service providence. In case; any non-conformity would be detected among provided services; to initiate necessary corrective action and to finalise in an impartial manner is one of our principles. Our selective aim is to provide added value to the certification process of the customer through the employment of our competent and qualified auditor-specialist,exam personnel and calibration personnel and encourage people with deep sectoral experience to be emloyed in auditing. In case; a client appeal or complaint would be arised; our company would handle the situation in a proper way and would manage the process impartially.

One of our fundamental principles is to maintain that company’s personnel,clients, prospective clients,subcontractors and other personnel manage their business in accordance with legal obligations in aspects of occupational health and safety and to take necessary precaution in order to achieve this task.

Once it would have been found out that certification service provided by our company had been misused; an investigation would be given a start in order to verify situation accordingly.If misusage of certificate is justified; corresponding retribution defined at international guidelines would be initiated.

In case,any misuage of the issued certificate would be revealed,further investigation as to justify the misusage is conducted and if it would be justified then sanctions existing at international guides would be applied.

Our company aims to become leader within its sector by its approach and our company is fully aware that achieving this target is going to be possible by support and participation of whole internal-external personnel.By defining processes belonging to our scope of activity and developing performance measurement and risk analysis based system, ALBERK QA TECHNIC aims to increase competency level of personnel,process and audit team pool while minimizing risk level.Our company with full awareness that each activity is a part of continuous improvement so that it gives commitment for implementation of reality,independency, impartiality principles during system approach of management and decision making processes via the slogan of “Each client is one and only client of ALBERK QA TECHNIC.


Beyond being a certification, inspection, training, testing and calibration company; by acting in accordance with impartiality principles enabling our service to remain permanent and to be open for continuous improvement from clients’ point of view  by conducting effective audits.


To become a leading company of the sector growing with its customers through mutual sharing of knowledge and experience.

Latif Murat YILMAZ
Chairman of the Board

DD-20 Rev.00, 09.11.2020

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