• Impartiality Policy

QA Technic’s structure is designed in order to guarantee the process of certification and the assurance of audit neutrality for all the establishments applying according to EN ISO/IEC 17021, TS EN ISO/IEC 17065,  EN ISO/IEC 17020, TS EN ISO/IEC 17025, TS EN ISO/IEC 17024,Professional competency, Assessment and Certification Regulation, National Competencies   and the related provisions of guidelines .Furthermore, importance of the impartiality within the company is reemphasized.

QA TECHNIC documents, defines and analysis the conflict of interest possibilities via conflict of interest tables;whereas risks are being analised via risk analysis.Conflict of interest tables define measures against risks which threaten the concept of impartiality.

Structure of QA Technic is designed in such a manner that certification and audit duration impartiality is guaranteed.
All of the personnel will be guaranteed  that  they are working getting over the effect of commercial, financial and other pressures. Agreement is countersigned with full time personnel for not being involved with any consultancy activities within the field of management system  and personnel who are to be assigned for personnel certification activities is not going to participate certification activities of trained candidate for 2 (two) years.

Fees of all employees of QA Technic do not depends on the number and result of conducted audits. QA Technic provides the confidentiality and safety related with all tasks with the contracts countersigned with its employees.

QA Technic declares its independency and impartiality at internet website and in addition, moreover its quality policy has also been published at website.

QA Technic operates independent from the training service given to personnel during trainings about personnel evaluation and certification subjects. QA Technic states that there is no cooperation between the training company and QA Technic or any support of training company to QA Technic by impartiality declaration.

Latif Murat YILMAZ

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