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Our corporation was founded under the name of Alberk Kalite Ekspertiz back in December 2004, and by modifying our legal title as Alberk QA Technic in the date of August 2007, we have being proceeding our services as being legal entity. The legal status of incorporation company had been acquired in May 2013 by reforming our limited company structure and changing of company type in order to develop our corporational structural requirements. We implement diversification for our ongoing services such as System Certification, Product Certification, CE Certification, Inspection, Training, Software, Experiment and Calibration within the context of European Union New Approach Directives and independent corporational structure.

Our system has been empowered so as to prevent the impacts of commercial, fiscal or other pressures to influence our decisions and operations during the time of system certification, product certification, inspection, training, experiment, calibration and personal certifications. Any individual and/or instition are unable to influence our personal, commitee, auditors, observers and experts within the framework of system and product services. Our corporational top management does not have legal enforcement or instructional authorization on listed individuals.

Employees’ salaries or wages are being excluded and utterly independent to current service fees in order for system certification, product certification, inspection, training, experiment, calibration and personal certifications.

The services of System certification, product certification, inspection, training, experiment, calibration and personal certifications are conducted as being independent/irrelevant than other services and based on national and international standards, impartiality, reliability, responsiveness and confidentiality.

All declared certification services had become available for all applicants. It is certain that all certification services that are provided by Alberk QA Technic, are not dependent with the numbers of certification issued or to be issued.

It is unavailable to certify other service units by our System Certification Director. In case the events that cause any basis for conflict of interests with Alberk QA Technic will be examined within the context of our services while application process against certification demand, and it is unlikely to provide certification services.

Alberk QA Technic do not certify their own employees within the context of Personel Certification Services.

Certification, inspection, experiment, calibration, personel certification services. We are continuously facilitating sources so as to maintain our services, satisfy our clients and minimize complaints  within the context of Occupational Competency, Examination and Certification directorate and relevant guidelines, and training services in regard to management systems, product certification, personel certification and inspection services will be provided regularly to our employees related to Certification, Inspection, Experiment, and Calibration services

We obtain our income entirely through System certification, product certification, inspection services, training services, experiments, calibration and personel certification services, and All kind of conflict of interest and financial pressure are prevented by being guarantee salaries of employers via strong financial structure.

Latif Murat YILMAZ

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