• ISO 50001: 2018 Energy Management System

Foto ISO 50001: 2018 Energy Management System Energy Management System standard ISO 50001, which is used as a basis for energy efficiency in the world, is the standard of the management system created to determine energy policies, manage energy consumption within the framework of energy management programs created in line with its goals and objectives, and evaluate and improve the performance of the energy management system. The 2018 figure in ISO 50001: 2018 is the version date that indicates that this revision was made and published in 2018.

Companies in all sectors and sizes can obtain the energy management system certification.

Please contact our company to obtain ISO 50001 certificate for reasons such as reducing energy costs by reducing energy use, strengthening the reputation of the company and increasing the brand image, reducing the carbon footprint and contributing to protecting the natural environment.

ISO 50001: 2018 Energy Management System Trainings

ISO 50001 Standard represents the newest and best practices in energy management, built on international standards and practices. ISO 50001 helps your organization develop and enforce its energy policy, identifies important areas in energy consumption, reducing your costs and saving money. It also identifies energy management tools, goals and programs.
These trainings are open to general participation as well as can be organized specifically for your organization.

ISO 50001 Energy Management System Lead Auditor Training

This training provides the skills necessary to conduct and manage effective energy management system (ENYS) audits according to the requirements of ISO 50001: 2011 and ISO 19011: 2002. In training, the principles and practices of an ENYS regarding independent audit are explained and the entire audit process is explained to the participants from the management of an audit program to the reporting of the audit results.

Who Should Attend

  • Compliance Managers
  • Management Representatives
  • Those who want to be a third party auditor for the ISO 50001: 2018 standard
  • Chief auditor expertise
  • Trust that your energy management system (ENYS) is active
  • Preparation for third party inspections
  • Employee awareness of energy efficiency
  • Saving resources by integrating ISO 50001 Energy Management System with other management systems.

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