• Sedex Audits

It is a non-profit organisation established in England. It is liable to reveal within social responsiblility context that ‘’management of organisations by organisation owner, shareholder and / or managers according to value judgements of society’’ and within business ethics context ‘’attitude, decision and behaviours of everybody work in the organisation, is true or not ’’. In sedex audits conducted by our organisation;
  • Prevention of forced labour
  • Nonrestriction of unionisation and Collective Bargaining liberty
  • Appropriateness of labour conditions to Occupational Health and Safety
  • Prevention of child employment & junior labour
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Working Hours
  • Payments and other rights
  • Regular employment
  • Discipline Practices and Prevention of maltreatment and harassment

Subjects are touched and detailed report within the frame of impartiality principle, is prepare

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