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  • Preshipment Surveillance Services

      Governments intends to collect sufficient income within the context of import and export activities, and need reliable partners to actualize this purpose.

      Surveillance services are being provided in order for governments, and verification of recepient specifications are combined with the quantity and value control of import and export. All services are complied with World Trade Organization. While operating pre-dispatch surveillance services on behalf of customs authority, QA Technic supports International Trade Operators to act in compliance with current laws. Within this direction business efficiency will be increased and most of risks will be removed. Besides, this service gives assurance to the customers what they desire.
  • ISO 28001 Supplier Chain Safety Management Systems
    • This standard is named as Supply Chain Security Management Systems and security issues or other events that are rised in supply chain may affect organizations negatively. To determine risk accurately and to manage efficiently have importance for organizations

      Supply Chain Security Management System defines requirements and designs management model in order for organizations who are willing to implement this system. It intends to manage risk efficiently by integrating management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001 etc with Supply Chain Security Management System.

      This system includes all-sized organizations such as international global firms, factories, storage or transport operating  firms etc.


      •     Appropriate supply communication and structure establishment
      •     Product and service Quality growth
      •     Cost reduction
      •     profit growth
      •     productivity growth
      •     efficiency growth
      •     Competitive power and market share growth
      •     Worklife Quality growth
      •     Cultural exchange
      •     Customer satisfaction
      •     Environmental Quality sense
      •     Suppliers Quality growth
  • ISO 27001 Information Safety Management Systems (Authorised Transporter Status Aimed)
    • What is Authorized Operator  Status?

      Authorized Operator Status enables to simplify customs operations of organizations that are regularly traceable, financially capable and hold safety and security standards. Certificate of customs approved operator status has been serving same purpose since approximately ten years.

      How is it possible to obtain Authorized Operator  Status

      Public institutions and organizations are able to obtain Authorized Operator  Status through natural and legal persons who have been active for three years within customs territory of Turkey  including free zones

      Requirements for Certification;

      a)  Reliability requirement: Applicant must have not violated customs regulations within last years and applicants or capital-holders must have not been alleged and convicted by threating public security of authorized person operating customs and foreign trade

      b) Reliability and traceability requirement for trade records

      c) Financial capability requirement: Positive financial capability report for last three years must be submitted.

      d) Safety and security standard requirement: It requires to comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards, establish security zones and monitor with camera.

      •     Highway
      •     Seeway
      •     Railway
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